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Western and Eastern popular culture and Arab leaders have employed this image of Saladin to serve their respective objectives.

(CLERMONT-FERRAND; CLAROMONTENSIS) Comprises the entire department of Puy-de-Dôme and is a suffragan of Bourges. (See AUSTREMONIUS.) According to local tradition he was one of the seventy-two Disciples of Christ, by birth a Jew, who came with St. Illidius (Allyre), who, about 385, cured the daughter of the Emperor Maximus at Trier; the saint's name was given to the petrifying springs of Clermont, and his life was written by Gregory of Tours; St. On the other hand the city of Riom was the birthplace of Sirmond, the learned Jesuit (1559-1651), confessor to Louis XIII and editor of the ancient councils of Gaul.

[Aside: go see Andy Mc Geady if you think statistics are irrelevances of interest to out-of-touch boffins only.] However, team statistics are harder to argue with – they tell the story about a teams success at a higher level.

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Bullshit – that line came from a politician for whom facts could be inconvenient.

Præjectus (Prix), historian of the martyrs of Clermont and assassinated at Volvic 25 January, 676; St. Bonitus, intimate friend of Sigebert II (end of seventh century); St. The Diocese of Clermont can likewise claim a number of monks whom the Church honours as saints, viz: St.

Figeac is a substantial medieval town in the Lot department of the Midi-Pyrenees, about 70 kilometres east of Cahors on the River Célé.

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