Abhijit banerjee and esther duflo dating

Esther Duflo: At this minute I would give it to incentives for immunization.

People in very poor countries spend very little on preventive care, maybe for not very good reasons.

Absent providers are a major problem both for public health facilities and primary schools in many developing countries.

Abhijit Banerjee: Ten times – the impact was a factor of ten.Below, they highlight the poverty interventions they view as consistently effective and provide insight into where individual donors can make a true impact.Philanthropy Action: One thing we always like to know from people like yourselves, who spend so much time in the developing world working directly with the poor, is what you would do if you had a million dollars to put toward any poverty alleviation cause.For once I found myself agreeing with a commenter at Marginal Revolution by the name of Oderus Urungus: “If he [Murray] hasn’t got the sense to present the right public image in light of the public philosophy he advocates, it’s very hard to take him seriously (even if, as I believe, he is substantially correct in his positions).” MIT economics professor Esther Duflo may have learnt a thing or two from Murray’s encounter as she prepared for her own lunch with the FT last weekend.Prof Duflo appears in any case to be an unassuming person, not dramatically changed by her rock stardom in the field of development economics (one can’t tell, but this is the received impression).

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[Editor’s Note: See also our 2011 extended interview with Banerjee and Duflo] At a recent microfinance conference hosted by Innovations for Poverty Action, the Financial Access Initiative and Yale University, the editors sat down with Esther Duflo and Abhijit Banerjee, two of the founders of the Abdul Lateef Jameel Poverty Action Lab (JPAL) at MIT.

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