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And, these radiometric “clocks” certainly appear to show that living things have in fact existed and changed dramatically on this planet over very very long periods of time indeed!So, why is this a problem for so many within the church?Well, for many former and even current Seventh-day Adventists, radiometric dating of the rocks of the Earth presents a serious problem when compared to the apparent claims of the Bible regarding a literal 7-day creation week – and many have voiced such concerns over the years (Link).After all, according to nearly all of the best and brightest scientists on the planet today, life has existed and evolved over many hundreds of of years. Their confidence is primarily based on the fact that radioactive elements decay or change into other elements at a constant and predictable clock-like rate.Take Han van Meegeren, the most successful knockoff artist of the pre-war period.Adjusted for inflation, he made million selling ersatz Dutch masters.(For a brief science review, see sidebar and figure 1.) The timepiece that allows dating is the “radioactive” decay of certain kinds of atoms from one form into another.

Rather, these authors claim that God showed them that all the basic “kinds” of living things on this planet were produced within just seven literal days and that there was no death for any sentient creature until the Fall of mankind in Eden.But is radiometric dating really the objective hard science many believe it to be?By “objective, hard science” I mean science that is measurable, repeatable, predictable, consistent and accurate.For instance I would could consider the physics of flight a “hard science.” Here’s how those terms apply to the performance of an aircraft: Predictable: Since they’re repeatable, they’re also predictable.So aircraft designers and pilots can predict, given a certain set of circumstances precisely how much runway a plane will need to take off , and land; how much fuel will be burned, etc. Given the same conditions, the aircraft doesn’t need 2,000 feet of runway to take off one day, and 500 feet to take off the next day, and 3,000 feet another day.

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