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(2) Sanction of the establishment with foreign capital of an industrial undertaking under sub-section (1) may be subject to such condition as the Government may deem fit to impose. Protection and equitable treatment.- The Government shall accord fair and equitable treatment to foreign private investment which shall enjoy full protection and security in Bangladesh. Terms of sanction, etc.-The terms of sanction, permission or licence granted by Government to an industrial undertaking having foreign private investment shall not be unilaterally changed so as to adversely alter the conditions under which the establishment of such undertaking was sanctioned; nor shall foreign private investment be accorded a less favourable treat-ment than what is accorded to similar private investment by the citizens of Bangladesh in the application of relevant rules and regulations. Indemnification, etc.-In the event of losses of foreign investment owing to civil commotion, insurrection, or riot, foreign private investment shall be accorded the same treatment with regard to indemnification, compensation, restitution, or other settlement as is accorded to investment by the citizens of Bangladesh. Expropriation and nationalisation.- (1) Foreign private investment shall not be expropriated or nationalised or be subject to any measures having effect of expropriation or nationalisation except for a public purpose against adequate compensation which shall be paid expeditiously and be freely transferable. Adequate compensation for the purpose of sub-section (1) shall be an amount equivalent to the market value of investment expropriated or nationalised immediately before the expropriation or nationalisation. Repatriation of investment.- (1) In respect of foreign private investment, the transfer of capital and the returns from it and, in the event of liquidation of industrial undertaking having such investment, of the proceeds from such liquidation is guaranteed.

It is now showing its teeth to the Latin American nation. The mainstream media including the AP, CNN and Miami Herald said in one of their latest dispatches: Mr.Besides, relevant documents required under the above- mentioned conditions and rules and regulations have to be submitted.2.1 Control of Export of Products: Under this Policy, export of products will be controlled in the following ways, such as:- 2.1.1 Export Prohibited Products: Unless otherwise stated, products prohibited under this Export Policy cannot be exported.As a result of this policy, sanctioning and other procedures for obtaining different facilities and services have been simplified.Industrial Policy ensures equal treatment for local and foreign investment.

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